Eduwork Consulting

EduWork has a wide reach to educational institutions Pan India. As a Finishing school we are a single source solution provider to freshers from different streams of education. Starting from "Admission Process" to "Institution Branding" to "Industry Interface" to "Placement" to "Alumni Relations" eduwork plays a key role in the total transformation & overall upliftment of quality in the education domain.

Education Consulting - Complete Advisory on Education Delivery

• New Course Start Ups

• Accreditation Compliances

• Collaborations / Allaiances with National & International Institutes / Universities

Admission Marketing

• In touch with Engg. / UG / PG Colleges Pan India

• Interaction with prospective students through creative campaigns & GD / PI etc

Institute Branding

Promoting the institute through various brand building exercises.

Student Development

Internship / Placement Program

Facilitating the placement program on a turn key basis through enhancement of student skill sets.

Alumni Relations

Creating a process of strong Alumni Interaction by promoting various activities which could benefit the Alumni and Institution alike thus creating a win-win situation to all the stake holders involved and enable a new avenue of brand building for the institution.

Registered candidates can get more details at:
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  2. Interviews - Job Opportunities
  3. Job Camps - Job Camps Schedule